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Welcome to Dystopia

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When Sophie is trapped in one of the world’s first all-green office buildings, she must decide whether she should stay in the increasingly unstable building, or find a way to escape into the dangerous outside world.

The Algebra of Events, August or September 2015 Clarkesworld


When the unthinkable happens, an alien spaceship is forced to crash land on a less than ideal planet setting in motion a series of surprising events. A story of love and math.

One Flesh – Clarkesworld Oct. 2013   


JupiterSurface-1.tif.746x600_q85Life is discovered on Jupiter, and it holds a shocking secret. How far will scientists Jen and Ras go to understand these creatures, what will it do to their marriage, and is the knowledge worth the price?

What the Red Oaks Knew – F&SF March/April 2013



When oil rigger Jimi Bone lit out from Texas with that thing in the trunk, he had no idea what would happen next. Hiding out in the Arkansas Ozarks seemed like a reasonable idea, especially when the suggestion came from a girl like Pink who Knew Things. Jimi would need all his wits, and a little help, to survive meeting Pink’s daddy, Midas who has his own ideas of Jimi’s usefulness.

Beasts – Interzone May/June 2012  



If there was one thing the French Revolution taught Nanon, it was that there was always a price to be paid. A rose whose stem leaked blood would have a high price indeed. Nanon volunteers herself, and her infant son, to save her father’s life and discovers that beasts come in more forms than she imagined, and that she may be the worst beast of all.

Evening, Echeconnee Creek – Black Lantern 2012  

Out of print


When Mayelle stops to help a young man on the Echeconnee Bridge she learns he may not be exactly what he seems. But then, neither is she – or her sisters.

A History of Cadmium – F&SF May/June 2010

Out of print


Cadmium never intended to return home, but when her mother, famous artist Cassandra Ross, dies she has to return to New York, to her mother’s studio, and to the painting named “Cadmium.” The past was not what she thought it was, and her mother’s best friend Julia holds a secret that will change Cadmium’s life.


Works in Progress

Untitled Fantasy Novel

“Escher’s Relativity”. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia

If you could see the consequences of your choices, would you choose differently? In the river city of Titianmar this isn’t an idle question. When Morith, who controls the city’s luck, gives to birth to twins her decision to violate tradition to protect her children sets in motion a sequence of events that affects the lives of every citizen and shakes the city to its foundation. Can Titianmar survive, and more importantly, should it?

The Butterfly Hunter

1920s looking north on Fillmore. San Francisco Historical Society

San Francisco didn’t vote for prohibition, and when it was passed, didn’t intend to obey it. If she had her choice, Ada Sigerson would spend her time following her passion for entomology, but like everyone else she has to make living. Ada makes hers running a speakeasy. When a dead woman is discovered in one of Telegraph Hill’s gravel quarries the police are glad to blame the murder on a Japanese fruit vendor. This sparks an uneasy alliance between the mobster who loved the dead girl and San Francisco’s small Japanese community. Both pressure Ada to find the real killer. Trouble is, all she has to go on is the butterfly placed on the corpse’s tongue.