Tomorrow begins a new year. The date is arbitrary, but we humans like to signify the importance of change.  This past year has been full of change for me. My life has altered in both extremely large and very small ways, some good some bad. But it is done now.

Like everyone else, I must go forward, and hope for the best. So rather than recount my year (which I have a hard time believing is of interest to anyone but me, and not that much even for me), I’m showing  you some of the artists who inspire me to become better. I would like to stand in the place where these images can be seen. I would like someday to be this good, at least once in a while. I hope you also find something inspiring in their work to take forward with you into 2016.

Piper McKay. I am in awe of her work and her personal dedication to Africa.

Kevin Whitely. His aesthetic vision is a close match for mine, except he’s so, so much better. Also, I can not lie. I love his attitude.

Martyn Lucas. There is so much beauty in the cold and frozen places of the world. His images of it are the best of the best.

Carol Highsmith. I was introduced to her work in a roundabout way through Austin’s dad who is her photography assistant. I admire her work tremendously, and she has (unwittingly) been of enormous help to me in improving my own pictures.

Didier Massard. This is the stuff of dreams. Strange and beautiful, you know each one keeps a secret, and I want to know them all.